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LAIA SANZ A Spanish Trial, Enduro and Rally driver, 14-times Trial World Champion and 6-times Enduro World Champion. She has also finished the Dakar Rally eleven times, winning the Female motorcycle category each time. In 2015, she came in ninth overall, the best female result in history.

It's so refreshing to have teams made up of men and women. There's also the sustainability aspect. It's something we need to start thinking about, and I think that races will increasingly move in this direction.

CARLOS SAINZ With two world titles, 4 second places and 5 third places in the 14 World Championships he has participated in and a total of 27 victories, he was voted by fans around the world as the best rally driver in history, having won each and every one of the most legendary and prestigious rallies in the Championship (Finland, Monte Carlo, Safari, Tour de Corse, Acropolis, RAC England, Rally of Spain etc.). In 2010, he became the first Spaniard to win the Dakar Rally in the car category, a title that he reclaimed in 2018 and 2020 with three different manufacturers on two different continents. This impeccable track record was one of the reasons he was awarded the 2020 Princess of Asturias Award for Sports.

This is undoubtedly a new kind of competition for in the world of motorsports, not just because of the type of car, which is 100 % electric and off-road, but because of the format: competing in a championship where there is gender equality.

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