The ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team goes back to the sands of Saudi Arabia: here are the obstacles



Carlos Sainz, Laia Sanz and our team of mechanics have prepared the Odyssey 55 to face all the challenges in the first race of Extreme E's second season

A changeable climate, uneven terrain covered in rocks and sand, and huge dunes scattered about an unpredictable and demanding course. Our stars Carlos and Laia Sanz are well aware of the scale of the obstacles on the first race of the new season of Extreme E. Like last year’s, it’s opening in Saudi Arabia, and

they will have not only to deal with conditions in the country’s desert but also to study, in a short space of time, overtaking possibilities to determine the safest and most manageable routes. All this is sure to add excitement to the first of these races for the planet, where the ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team will be competing in order to spread our message about the climate even further.